Claire’s Street Food – Launching in 2020

A new idea for 2020 – Claire’s Street Food Trailer. We are talking to venues to setup regular sites including Tesco’s, Dunster Country Fair, Kids Cafe, Blue Anchor, Timberscombe, Wootton Courtenay, Endurocks and others.

We will also appear at one-off events, and can be booked for your special event. The trailer will feature food from around the world – if you have a favourite, let me know. We are building an amazing menu to include Greek, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Tapas, American, Vegan, Vegetarian & Keto friendly options.

Claire will be raising her own pigs, goats and lambs at home, for the trailer. Think of sizzling barbeque meats and Jamaican lamb curry – yummy!

Send in your ideas for your favourite dish – whatever it may be.

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